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We are a locally based distributor of a variety of security systems based in Worcester.
We supply products from Centurion IDS, Nemtek, Dahua, Ajax, Paradox and Ezviz as well as accessories.

We Stock a Wide Range

We stock Centurion, IDS, Nemtek, Dahua, Ajax, Paradox and Ezviz products, as well as all the accessories. It is our mission at Security Solutions Company to provide you with a total security solution.

Our Options are Endless

Our CCTV options, range from analog to IP, WIFI cameras to completely wire free solutions. Security Solutions Company is here to offer you a complete solution to all your security needs.

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Just a few steps and you can become a installer here at security solutions, just navigate to the become a installer page and fill in the form down below. You will not regret it now what are you waiting for go!

Complete Security Solution

Here at Security Solutions, we have an extensive range of cameras, POE-Switches and many other products available just waiting for you to explore.

IQ Tech Fleet Management

This enables companies to reduce cost and improve efficiency while complying across the entire fleet operation. Fleet management is the process by which you manage all fleet and asset information.

Among the functions of Fleet Management are accident management and monitoring and diagnosis, driver management, speed management, fuel management, video surveillance, and health and safety management.

It is a function that allows transportation-dependent companies to reduce or eliminate the risks associated with investments in vehicles, improve efficiency, and improve productivity, all of which have an impact on costs and productivity.

Fleet Management

You can monitor your fleet's vehicles drivers and all other aspects with IQTech fleet management.





Security Solutions only provide the best on the market

Expert Support To Enhance Your Security Protocal

Prepare for your sliding gate to be turbocharged. The D2 Turbo is a high-speed, cost-effective operator for domestic gates weighing up to 250kg, with a maximum speed of 400 millimetres per second and powerful peak push force rated at 9kgf

The evolution of the tried and tested D5 500kg gate motor for domestic and light-industrial applications. Incorporating battery backup you can bank on, potent push force and an intelligent LCD controller for easy setup

Taking what we’ve learned through more than 30 years of being the market leader in access automation, we are bringing you a solution that gives you everything from intelligent reporting to easy mobile-based setup and operation.

With unsurpassed convenience and control at your fingertips, you’ll love using the D5 SMART.

The ultimate speed machine just got SMARTer. Introducing the all-new, lightning-fast and intelligent D10 Turbo SMART light-industrial and residential sliding gate motor, the high-velocity sprinter that combines our most innovative technology with awe-inspiring speed to deliver a solution that leaves others in its dust.

Get peace of mind in no time thanks to our award-winning SMART technology. Connecting wirelessly to your CENTURION SMART solution, Photon SMART wireless infrared safety beams give you an automated gate motor or garage door motor system that isn’t just safe, it’s intelligently safe.

With the SDO4, that experience begins the moment that you open your garage door. With whisper-quiet operation and movement that’s smoother than a Barry White song, the SDO4 garage door operator for tip-up and sectional doors lets you know you’re home.

Customers reviews

We at Security Solutions strive to provide the highest level of service and to always be polite to our customers.
We will always support them and do our best to keep them satisfied.
We definitely would recommend Security Solutions Worcester!! The technicians are very friendly, helpful and quick workers! We are very impressed with our electric fencing and cctv. Good quality!! Please support them!!
Miandra Groenewald
Willekind is in die proses om kameras in die skool te installeer. Bok Du Preez van Security Solutions Company hanteer dit. Ons babasorgafdeling se kameras is klaar geïnstalleer. Baie dankie Bok en Peace vir die installasie
Willekind Skool Worcester
They give great support at Security Solutions Company, The staff is also very friendly and will make you feel right at home, There products are also priced at very good level and anyone buying there should never be worried about being overcharged.
Arend du Toit